Same as Purple Carrots, Yellow Carrots originated in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan in 1.000 AD only by the 13th century were grown in the Eastern Mediterranean Countries.
It was the influence of patriotic Dutch growers in the sixteenth century to push the carrot orange to honour their national colours, consequently the orange carrots quickly dominated the world and became the most popular colour carrot in modern agri-business.


Yellow carrots are popular for their benefits for human health.
They contain xanthophylls, pigments similar to beta carotene, and lutein that is an hydroxy-carotenoid constituting the macular pigment of the human retina both important for eyes health and cancer prevention.
Moreover luteins and xanthophyllus help protect against cataracts and hardening of the arteries.
More lutein we get from foods less is the risk in macular degeneration.
Lutein from yellow carrots significantly increases lutein concentration more than other sources.
(American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 80, No. 1, 131-136, July 2004)


Romans used seeds and tops as protection against some types of poisons and also as aphrodisiacs.
During the 14th century yellow carrots were cultivated in southern Europe and sold only in specialty food shops in India.
Yellow carrots are a slightly sweeter compared to commonly orange carrots.

Fresh and crunchy, they are delicious raw and their bright colour is maintained after cooking, they add colours to salads with other carrots varieties.

Aureli Mario Co. grows its yellow carrots in Italy, transforming them into juices purees or concentrates, as well as dehydrates for several applications:

    • Beverages;
    • Natural colourings;
    • Soups, souces, dips and dressings;
    • Baked food and confectionary;
    • Food for Pet;
    • High vitamins ingredients;

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